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Emmerdale spoilers: Natalie J Robb reacts to the twist that Moira Dingle killed Emma Barton

Moira killed Emma in Emmerdale

(Picture: ITV)

Emma Barton, even in death, still manages to cause destruction and misery and no-one is feeling it more than Moira Dingle who has tonight been unmasked as the one who killed the Emmerdale villain. 

Fans watched as a flashback showed Emma goading Moira deliberately in order to get her snap and when she blamed Moira for Holly’s death, it paid off. A moment of rage saw Moira push Emma to her death and since then she has been hiding the secret that she was behind the killing.

All along, Natalie J Robb has known the truth and she reckons that it was the secrecy that has… Read the full story