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Theft Case At Tamale Hospital: 'I Have Not Been Arrested'

Theft Case At Tamale Hospital: 'I Have Not Been Arrested'

Following up on our story on the theft case at the Tamale Teaching Hospital, We got in touch Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim, a senior pathologist at the Tamale Teaching Hospital and one of the owners of Universal Health Clinic.

His clinic is implicated in the theft case. Our interview with him revealed some very important facts. First of all, Universal Health Clinic is owned by five people who are all senior staff at the Tamale Teaching Hospital ( including Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim) Speaking to sanatuzambang.com, he narrated

“The incident happened on Tuesday (He is not sure of the date) at 10am, when some Police officers came to Universal Health Clinic to conduct a search and later returned at around 1am to take some equipment. I got the news at around 3pm. I then quickly placed a call to one of my partners ( of Universal Health clinic) to make enquiries. He was involved in the purchase though we (the other partners) were duly consulted. He told me he has heard the news but had patients to attend to at TTH- he was busy.

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I personally looked for the guy, one Kumbari Thomas, he sold the items to us and sent him to the police station to make a statement. So I was very shocked when I heard I had been arrested. I was never arrested. Kumbari was then taken into custody. I had no idea Kumbari Thomas works at TTH until this incident happened”

Kumbari Thomas revealed that he had three other accomplices. One of them is called Malik, he is close to someone in the hospital who knew about the container (containing the equipment). This person had access to the keys to the container.

This person (he/her identity not known yet) told Kumbari Thomas and Malik that the hospital might have forgotten about the container because it has its been there for long so they started moving the equipment out for sale. This happened for a while until the internal investigation was initiated by TTH- our interview revealed.

Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim seems to believe that this might be a move to tarnish his image and to damage his credibility because of his ambition for the “CEOship” of TTH .

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“Of all the owners of Universal Health clinic who are also workers of TTH, why am I the only one whose name was mentioned to the press” – he queried Universal Health Clinic and I as an individual will issue a formal statement when the police are done with their investigations – he added.