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Is that £3.30 Essence Lash Princess mascara worth the hype?

(Picture: EllieDaisyLouise/Reddit)

This week’s Is It Worth The Faff is a little different than normal, because this product requires next to no faff.

It’s mascara. How much effort can it be?

So rather than questioning whether we can all be bothered to wiggle the wand of Essence’s Lash Princess mascara through our lashes, we’ll be questioning whether the mascara is worth the hype… and there’s been a lot of hype.

Over on Reddit, people are singing the praises of Essence Lash Princess mascara, sharing incredible before and after photos of mega long lashes.

Given that it’s only £3.30 from Wilko, you can see why it’s quickly become a cult favourite… but… Read the full story

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