Polo: Odds are against Hearts of Oak

Soccer News of Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Hearts of Oak coach Mohammed Ahmed Polo has said he finds it difficult to explain the circumstance under which the Phobians still find it difficult to win, despite the great deal of efforts they put in each game.

The Accra giants lost 1-2 to Heart of Lions in the Week 24 fixture of the First Capital Plus Premier League at the Accra Sports Stadium to relinquish the second spot to the Kpando lads.

“I just even don’t know how to explain it, because if all the odds are against you there is very little you can do” a clueless Polo told Uniiq FM.

Hearts of Oak have struggled to perform ever since the “Dribbling Magician” took over the reins from sacked David Duncan. It has been one loss or draw to the other which has led to the growing anger of the supporters calling on Polo to resign.

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Some irate fans verbally assaulted the former Ghana international.

Polo, who was seen morose in the dressing room after the match, had very little answers to the current situation and seemed to have given up hopes.

“If always we have to cry, it clearly shows we are in a difficult situation and everything is against us. We are going through so many things, but we’ll take it the way it is,” he stated.