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Kwabenya Fugitives Must Face Stiffer Sanctions

Kwabenya Fugitives Must Face Stiffer Sanctions

A Security Analyst, Emmanuel Sowatey, has said the certainty of re-arrest and stiffer punishment for jail-breakers can deter suspects in lawful custody from escaping.

According to Mr. Sowatey, swiftness in the arrest of fugitives as well as the severity of the punishment they receive will discourage suspects who are nursing similar ideas.

“When it comes to criminology in the deterrent theory, there are three variables—one has to be the certainty of the arrest. The certainty of the arrest deters people that they will surely be re-arrested.The arrest doesn’t mean they will be necessarily arrested right after the act, but that when they leave, they will be found,” he added.

Mr. Sowatey made the remark on the Citi Breakfast Show on Monday on the back of the escape of some seven suspects from the Kwabenya District Police station after some armed robbers attacked the station over the weekend, killing one police officer who was on duty.

The police are currently on a manhunt for the seven fugitives as well as the suspected armed robbers who freed them.

Citing the United States of America as an example, Mr. Sowatey said security operatives in that country are able to fish out fugitives, even decades after they break out of jail.

“That’s the deterrent. The other one has to do with the swiftness of the arrest and severity of the punishment. What has been one of the effective ways in deterring people is the certainty of being arrested.”

He however advised the police to adopt a holistic process in their search for the fugitives, saying “when it comes to the certainty of being arrested, people have roles to play – the state security, police, media, BNI and ordinary Ghanaians all have a role to play.”

’13 Dela Force operatives escape’

13 members of Delta Force, a New Patriotic Party-affiliated group, who were initially detained for attacking a public officer were rearrested last October.

At their first appearance in court, the 13 escaped from lawful custody, when the Judge ruled that they be remanded and not given bail.

They reported themselves to the police, and were fined Ghc2,400 each, and also made to sign a bond of good behaviour for escaping lawful custody.