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Netflix’s The Witcher could be the fix Game Of Thrones fans need when it finally ends

Netflix’s The Witcher could be just the fantastu fix GOT’s fans are looking for (Credit: CD Projekt RED)

It’s a question that is haunting the mind of every single Game Of Thrones devotee: ‘What will I do when the series eight ends?’

After all HBO are planning to try and turn out some prequels, but they are going to be years in the making. And, it’s not like there a contender out there to go head-to-head with George R.R. Martins’ creation, in all honesty.

That is, there isn’t yet…

Netflix could just have found the very fix to stop us all jonesing for everything Westeros, Stark, Targaryen, and Lannister with one… Read the full story