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OK, enough with making fun of women’s big feet

I’ve got big feet.

I may be only 5ft 4in, but I’ve been known to rock a pair of size nines on the running track.


Actually, I kind of think my feet are one of my best features (please believe me). It’s just that they don’t conform to those pesky beauty standards.

Women’s big feet are often the butt of jokes and boy, have I heard my share in my time (Krusty the Clown being a particularly persistent diss – thanks, friends!).

But why are longer feet considered to be so gross? It must be the most random body part to take offence to.

Woman magazine in Russia recently published a photo gallery of well-known women with big feet, after former beauty queen Anastasia Reshetova was dragged online for her ‘flippers’.

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Others included in the feature were former WAG Olga Buxzova as well as ‘the Russian Victoria Beckham’, Aiza Anokhina who regularly makes jokes… Read the full story