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Indomie Introduces Special Packs For Schools

Indomie Introduces Special Packs For Schools

Brand owners of Indomie, De United Foods Industries Ltd (DUFIL), has introduced a special Indomie pack for schools.

The 100-gram pack, which is not being sold on the open market will be available only to schools at a subsidised rate. The move is in line with Indomie’s goals to support the development of children by ensuring that they have access to nutritious meals.

Indomie runs a separate programme, where hot meals are provided free of charge to pupils of some selected schools.

However, in order to extend support to all schools, the new pack has been introduced.

The products will be delivered directly to the schools, thus saving the schools’ cost and hustle of having to transport them.

Mahesh Shah, General Manager, DUFIL, said the decision to supply the subsidised packs exclusively to schools, was to ensure that cost was not an inhibiting factor in the feeding of school children.

He invited school authorities to reach out to the company and get benefits from this special initiative to support the feeding of children.

“By introducing this new pack for the schools, we hope to reduce the number of children within the malnourished bracket,” said Mr. Shah.

He said it was the company’s top priority to help fight malnutrition among children.

He said Indomie noodles is rich in protein, vitamins A and B as well as calcium that is needed for a child’s growth, adding that, it is loved by children and it’s easy to prepare.

Agnes Botchway, in-charge of school feeding at DUFIL, said they constantly interact with schools and teach matrons and cooks about what vegetables to use in preparing Indomie meals for the children.

Mrs. Botchway said all schools, which are part of this special initiative, would be part of a competition with attractive prizes for the winning schools and pupils.

The prizes, she explained, include a Senior High School scholarship for the best performer in the Basic Education Certificate Examinations.