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Petition To The ICJ And The UN For Justice

Petition To The ICJ And The UN For Justice

Hardi Shahadu
MSc [LSE], B.A [Ghana]117 Science Place, SK, S7N 5C8, Saskatoon
The President,
The International Court of Justice,
The Hague. Netherlands.
The General Secretary,
The United Nations,
New York, United States.
Dear Sirs,

I petition the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the United Nations (UN), with the name of God, who is the ultimate source of justice and truth, and from whom humanity draws its laws and mores, to seek justice from the acts of injustices of the Government of Canada and the University of Saskatchewan. I petition the ICJ and the UN as a citizen and member of the world human family; a) who is guaranteed natural liberty to pursue the truth and justice as a way of life without any discrimination, torture, abuse and whose liberty and freedom of conscience are guaranteed by international laws and statutes; b) whose right to the pursuit of any faith and religion of his choice, is guaranteed by international laws and statutes; c) who is guaranteed freedom by international laws and statutes, from persecution, abuse, discrimination, etc. as a result of his race and skin coloration and; d) whom international laws and statutes have guaranteed freedom from persecution, abuse and discrimination due to his social and economic classification as a poor, vulnerable minority.

I am of the strong conviction, as I shall demonstrate in this petition and in the supporting documentation that, the Government of Canada and the University of Saskatchewan have violated all of my natural rights and liberties mentioned above. I started a course of study towards an award of a PhD degree in the university of Saskatchewan in September 2013 and for the reason that I happened to have been a Poor Black Muslim who dared to seek justice for voiceless and vulnerable people within the university and to question the injustices of the university authority, the Canadian Government and the university, have decided to deny me the PhD in a manner that is an affront to justice and human rights. I have suffered many injustices in the hands of the Canadian Government and the university, including the destruction of my once happy young family and the resultant psychological and emotional damage to my two little daughters, my wife and myself and the denial of my PhD for which I invested more than three years of my personal and family life.

I am therefore petitioning the ICJ and the UN to; a) stop the Canadian Government from its cowardly and criminal surveillance on me; b) reverse the many violations of laws, due process and human rights and wrongful decisions of the university of Saskatchewan and to allow me obtain my degree without any further delay; c) to warn and deter the Canadian Government or any other government, and the university of Saskatchewan or any other university in the world, from repeating the injustices meted out to me, to any member of the human family, in the future.

Cowardly & Unjust Surveillance of the Canadian Government

Since May of 2015, the Canadian Government in its cowardice, just like all coward tyrannical governments of the world, decided to put me under unjust surveillance for reasons I am yet to know and which I am certain, could not be anything beyond the fact that I am a poor black Muslim who dared defend poor, voiceless and vulnerable international students in Canada and who dared question the injustices of the university of Saskatchewan, an arm of the government for milking vulnerable immigrants. I am yet to know from the Canadian government, its reasons for putting me under surveillance because the government chose cowardice instead of bravery in dealing with a poor person like me.

But I still wonder what would make a so called developed and advanced nation of the world with the military powers to kill innocent people all over the world unjustly, to become coward in confronting a moral man, face to face, even in its own land or the land it has stolen for itself. If the Canadian government with all its might, had the bravery of a man or woman, it would have confronted me face to face and told me it did not like the fact that I defended the vulnerable, spoke the truth and lived by the principles of human liberty, truth, justice and conscience. When women ruled Africa in an age when the humans on earth were still moral beings, they led their people in defense of human freedom and liberty against tyrannical invasive armies of ruling empires of the world.

But mighty tyrannical governments that destroy nations and continents today, are scared of poor individuals who choose to be moral human beings and live by the principles of and respect for the truth, human liberty, natural law and human conscience. Because the moral man has always proven to be superior to any human being or human organization that operates with brute force, since the dawn of history.

The Canadian government subjected me to cruel, inhuman and unjust but cowardice treatments of bugging my apartment, tapping my phone, monitoring my emails, remotely connecting to my laptop and manipulating everything I do on it, among several cowardly inhuman acts of injustice. Through its hired agents, the government tried to poison my food but when I discovered and foiled it, they tried using my Doctor to kill me biologically but that also did not succeed. After all these efforts to kill me have failed, they Canadian government is now relying on its parent arm of global human surveillance systems to starve me to death by ensuring I am not able to apply and obtain a job or relate meaningfully with any human being on the face of the earth. I am able and ready to prove all these happenings in a trial, if there is ever one.

The Canadian government has destroyed my young and once happy family and the greatest harm of the cowardly injustices of the government has been the emotional and psychological damage to my family, especially my two daughters who are not even three years old. I shall not relent in my search for justice for my daughters in particular, because their justice will be justice to the millions of children in war-torn and hunger-stricken countries of the world.

Surveillance Agency and Injustices of University of Saskatchewan

Just like the Canadian government became the face of the global system of surveillance that must destroy every moral being on the face of the earth, the University of Saskatchewan, became the primary agent of the government of Canada in its coward and unjust surveillance of me. Therefore, I came to know and have suffered almost all the unjust surveillance of the Canadian government, through the university. There are clearly demonstrable reasons why the Canadian government and the university would want me dead or destroyed in any way possible;

a) Installation of University President: I became a student leader in May 2015 at a time when the university had commissioned a search for a new president. When the race to the presidency became tough, highly placed leaders of the university, including, the chair of the search committee, conspired with executives of the Graduate Students Association, to remove the representative of the Graduate Students from the committee, who happened to have had the same country of origin as the current president of the university. Such an intention was clearly injustice and I singlehandedly stopped that injustice from happening. Therefore, if that injustice was intended to malign the current president, then I can say that I literally installed the current president to the presidency of the university against the wishes of influential people within the university and beyond. No ‘crime’ could be worse than this for a university that has no respect for justice or human rights.

b) Arrest of the Iranian Muslim Youth: In October 2013, just a month after I entered the university, the university carried out one of its worse human right abuses in recent times. It arrested an Iranian youth named Mohamad Mahdi Kowsari, it is obvious now that he was set up, under the allegation that he had stolen chemicals from his lab in the university to his private apartment and threatened to use them. With an unproven allegation and without any conviction, the name and picture of this youth was broadcasted to the entire university and the whole world. After a court found him not guilty and acquitted him, the university never mentioned this in any of its news let alone renders an apology to him in order to clear the stigma they hanged on his neck. They have ruined the life of the youth and he was unable to find a job after graduation. When I became a student leader, I took this up to the highest levels within the university to find out why such an injustice could be done to a member of the human family. But high-level officials of the university said they were not allowed to comment on that.

c) Racial Discrimination against a South Sudanese Christian Youth:In the summer of 2015, a South Sudanese student of the university was robbed of his laptop, cell phone and other belongings in broad day light at a central location of the university. When he went to make report to the student leadership office, a white secretary told him his dark skin might have suggested to the robber that he had some drugs on him. Besides, the university security team arrived on the scene whilst the thief had not yet disappeared but he was not arrested for reasons known only to them. The incident was reported to the university and not a single announcement was made to the university community, as has been the case with the White race. Even when a Caucasian encountered someone suspicious outside the university surroundings, an announcement of such an encounter was made to the entire university community to keep the white race safe. But a black man experienced clear robbery in the busiest spot on the university and not a single announcement is made to help the darker skinned, potential drug carriers, to take precaution. I took this issue up just as the case of the Iranian and I never got any meaningful answer to date.

d) Abuse of International Students in University Residences:On may 9th 2015, thieves entered the car park of one of the university residences where residents have been exclusively international students, and vandalized more than fifty cars in just two hours and not a single person was arrested. This was the worse so far but the incident had been happening every year and the university never cared to address it because it didn’t affect the privileged Caucasian Canadians. The victims, however, were determined this time, to seek redress and I stood solidly with them, despite the betrayals of most of the student leadership and we got the university to act for the first time. The university spent about $25,000 in paltry compensation to the victims, promised to replace the defunct security cameras and placed stationary night patrol team in the area immediately until the security cameras were fixed. Besides this, residents faced many difficulties bordering on discrimination, including poor lightening, negligence in clearing snow, disrespectful and arrogant customer service officers and open cheating in charging rents that were higher than advertised rent increase rates. I sought redress for most of these challenges using the university institutions but I ended up as the enemy of the university.

From the few incidents summarized above, any objective reader, well acquainted with the operations of unjust and discriminatory institutions can easily see why the university of Saskatchewan and its benefactor, the Canadian government, would want me destroyed by any means necessary. If they sought to destroy me by fair means, I would have left them alone, but they chose the foul means, which is the only means they have control over. I summarize below, some of the unjust decisions of the university here whilst the details are contained in the attachments;

Imposition of Surveillance Meetings on me
By May of 2015, after two years into my program in the university, my supervisors, Professors Maureen Reed and Toddi Steelman, started to impose 12-monthly supervisory meetings on me, without any consultation with me and without any explanation as to why, as a means to keep me monitored physically every month of the year. This was a clear violation of the school’s Graduate Handbook, which recognizes the student as responsible for calling supervisory meetings and contradicted how we had organized such meetings since the start of my program.

But when I raised questions in the second year of these surveillance meetings, my supervisors became apprehensive, refused to respond to my emails regarding such a matter and started series of actions, which were calculated to frustrate me out of my program. Some of these actions included proposing to change the direction of my thesis, proposing to, and actually hijacking my conference presentation without my consent and any consultation, determining within a spate of one month that I was no longer making satisfactory progress in my program and writing to determine my academic standing in my program, in contravention of the university rules on how such a decision is made and at which level such decision can be made.

The university is still insisting that, I must subject myself to such inhuman surveillance if I have to get my PhD. But I would rather not have the PhD than to willfully subject myself to surveillance no matter what the gain might be. A coward government can hide behind its hired agents to monitor me but it can never force me to allow it monitor me willfully.

Wrongful Terminations of Funding
Knowing my background as a poor person, the university pulled its greatest power by terminating my scholarship, which I obtained by merit, without following due process and without notifying me, let alone explained to me why they had to terminate the funding. The process of terminating the funding contradicted the rules set out as conditions under which such a funding can be terminated but the university is still unwilling to admit its violations of its own laws but still instill I must subject myself to surveillance before they can reinstate my funding.

Standing in Program
When I failed to get justice within my department and the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS), I petitioned the Office of the University Secretary, the then Secretary, Elizabeth Williamson, indicated I was no longer in good standing in my program and instructed me to appeal such a decision. This was the first time I was told that a decision on my academic standing was made by the university. I indicated in response to her that no such a decision was made and no communication of such decision was made available to me but she insisted that upon consultation with the “Chair and Vice-Chair of the Governance Committee of the University Council” her instructions to me were considered correct and that she was asked to encourage me to use the appeal process that she had described to me. But even the three people they handpicked, who demonstrated the worse kind of violence to justice that I have ever seen, couldn’t agree with the University Secretary, the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Governance Committee of the University Council, and the University Council itself that a decision on my academic standing was ever made. But all decisions made on the assumption of a “no longer in good academic standing” are still being held by the university, until I subject myself to surveillance.

Breach of Student Research Data Access Rules

My supervisors decided to gain access to my research data through the ethics office without my consent. They never informed me of their intentions to access my data through the ethics office and for that matter they could NOT have gained my CONSENT for such access. The university ethics office and its chair have failed to answer my questions as to how and under what rules they gave my supervisors access to my research data, since November 22nd 2016.

Hijack of my Conference Presentation
My supervisors decided to take over my work and for Toddi Steelman and Maureen Reed, to put their names as first and second presenters of my work and presentation I had prepared, at the Wildland Fire Canada Conference 2016 in Kelowna BC. Such takeover of my work NEVER had my CONSENT because there was never a discussion with me regarding that. But the university is insisting that I must accept that such a violation of university rules were done in good faith before I can get my PhD.

Compelled Acceptance of Conditions
The university has ruled that, to continue work on and get my PhD, I must accept that all the violations of the rules were not violations and must continue to subject myself to surveillance. I have and continue to maintain that I am not prepared to compromise on any breaches to university rules by my supervisors or the university itself. And the current university secretary, Elizabeth Bilson, in her letter that brings finality to my quest for justice within the university, insists that I must accept such conditions if I need to get the degree. But I will not accept such conditions today or any other day. The greatest injustice that can be done to a man is for him to be forced to do a thing against his conscience and convictions. And it is for this reason that I have turned to the ICJ and the UN to seek justice.

Failed Appeal to Amnesty International and Government of Ghana

After the Canadian Government’s surveillance abuses became unbearable, I decided to return back to my own country. But to ensure that the unjust surveillance systems of Canada and beyond, did not set me up as a terrorist going to join ISIS or destroy me and those in the same plane with me in my journey back home, I applied to Amnesty International (both London and Toronto offices), an organization which was started to protect the rights of foreign students in the UK, for Amnesty to act as a witness and a guarantor of my safe travel back to my country. But Salil and Amnesty have remained silent on my appeal since September 22nd 2016 to date. I detailed in that appeal, the threats that were upon my life and that of my young family, including a pregnant wife and a daughter less than 2 years but Amnesty felt our lives did not matter. If it was Putin’s Russia, Gaddafi’s Libya, Assad’s Syria, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe or Rouhani’s Iran that committed an atrocity much less than what my family and I faced in the hands of the evil Canadian surveillance, even to a Canadian dog, Amnesty would have composed songs of such atrocity and made the whole world to sing that song for ages.

The same appeal was made to the Government of Ghana through its High Commissioner, Suley Gariba, in Canada and the government which does not only have a local constitutional responsibility to protect the rights of its citizens, but also the responsibility to safeguard the rights of all citizens of the world under its jurisdiction, failed to treat me as a human being, let alone a citizen. But this same High Commissioner goes somewhere to say that he was prevented from performing his constitutional duties to a citizen of his country, by the Canadian government. Maybe in thinking that it was my right to enjoy protection under international laws on the rights to life and freedom from fear, I was being too naïve to not recognize what George Orwell discovered more than half a century ago that all humans are equal but some four-legged dogs are more human than some two-legged Muslim-Black-humans.

Failed Appeal to the World Academe
After failing to attain justice within the university of Saskatchewan in order to complete my PhD, I sent an application for asylum to over twenty (20) top universities of the world and in every continent of the world, including Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, but not a single university in the world could acknowledge receipt of such an appeal, let alone respond to it. Like this petition to the ICJ and the UN, I had very little hope in attaining justice from the world academe because I am acutely aware that the hands of injustice are spread over everything and every human institution of the world today. Justice today is only justice to those who can afford to buy it but not for those who deserve it but too poor to even seek it. But as a scientist who believes in establishing empirical evidence about the truths of the world, I found it a responsibility to send that appeal as well as this petition. But most importantly, as a person calling mankind back to the truth and justice, it is my responsibility to call the attention of the world leadership to the negligence of its moral responsibilities of the world. In that way mankind shall have no excuse before the Creator when He decides to call us to account for our betrayal of the truth and justice.

Failed Appeal to the Supposed Free World Media
In seeking asylum from the world academe, I also sought a voice from the world media to present my persecution to the world. But the free media, as I have since come to know, is free only as much as those who control it allow. I circulated the asylum application to more than forty top media channels in the world, including the BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera, New York Times, and The Guardian. I sent the application to top news houses in China, Russia, Iran, India, and all continents of the world. But not a single media house could publish my message. Same editorial policies and same control masters of supposedly divergent and rivaling media house of the world?

Dear Sirs, the ICJ is ‘the world court’ and sits at the apex of all institutions of human justice. You have already indicated you would not be addressing this petition of mine because only states are allowed to bring cases before you. But I want to remind you that God created mankind and not states. When God created mankind, He didn’t put statutes, charters and states to determine who can get justice and who cannot. He granted EQUAL LIBERTY to all human beings and commanded the entire human race to promote justice for all and stand up in defense of the rights of each individual, especially the weak against the powerful.

But the powerful, wealthy and strong among mankind, have created institutions of privilege and discrimination, to award justice to those who can afford and to condemn the poor, weak, vulnerable and the most deserving of justice, into perpetual injustice. I want to remind you that a person suffering from injustice has no respect for charters, statutes and acts, which cannot grant him justice. What concerns such sufferer of injustice, is justice and it is the responsibility of humanity to come to the defense of such a person; and it is the responsibility of those mandated to grant justice to all.

Therefore, I call on you to give serious and expeditious consideration to this petition. And to do the same with the many petitions from individuals and groups of individuals that you have tabled for so long. Babies, children, pregnant women, aged men and women, in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria and any country in which there is active war and violence of governments and their sponsored terrorists organizations are killing people, have petitioned you with their tears and blood for decades now but you have failed to act. The homeless and starving millions of persons in all parts of the world, including war ravaged countries, poor but resource-rich countries and downtown cities in the prosperous and wealthy developed nations, have petitioned you for the justice of food and shelter for generations now but you have put their petition on hold indefinitely.

The billions of persons all over the world, particularly in the wealthy western world, who may have all the necessities and luxuries of the world at their disposal, but who live in constant fear and panic because of the tyrannical governance that has taken over the world, have petitioned you for justice from fear. This last group of petitioners are the worse victims of injustice because in appearance, they seem to have all that the world can offer, but internally, they are not better than the mules that carry the heaviest of loads or that till the land; they live without principle, human conscience and without humanity. Liberty and freedom are alien concepts to their nature. And worse of all, they don’t even know who it is that has deprived them of their human freedom, because the live by the dictates of the television and the media, the worse tools of enslavement that humanity has ever invented. Thoreau rightly describes this group of people as “mere figure-heads upon hulk with livers in the place of hearts”. They have given up their humanity for fear of death but like Thoreau, we wonder how one can die without ever haven lived. For how can a person live if there is no principle in him?

But if you fail to take immediate steps to address all and any of these petitions before you, know then that we shall take our divine rights to liberty, freedom and justice, and we shall fight any tyrannical government and institution of tyranny in the world until justice is restored to all the peoples of the world. We shall go to war and we shall bring down every government, institution and leadership in the world that has failed humanity, especially the poor, weak and vulnerable. If all the weapons we can acquire are pieces of stones, we shall go to war with those pieces of stones against any powerful nation of the world, just as the children of Palestine have been throwing stones in defense of themselves against the most powerful weapons of extermination of the Israeli government for generations now.

We shall fight injustice in any corner of the world and we shall call upon any human being remaining on the face of the earth to join hands with us. By ‘human’, we mean as Captain John Brown says, “men of good principles–God-fearing men–men who respect themselves”. Even if such endangered species of the human race cannot be found anywhere in the world at any price, we shall call upon the Divine to send down His angels to fight with us until all traces of tyranny and injustice vanish on the face of the earth.

Dear ICJ, the UN and the masters of the world in whose hands is the mandate for the dispensing of justice for all humans on the earth, the moral question which you have tabled for eternity, has risen again for the last time and there shall be no postponement until the question is fully and finally settled. To borrow the words of Captain John Brown, the bravest human being to have ever lived in the last three centuries, I say to you that your willful negligence and silence over the injustices of the world, committed by the most powerful against the most vulnerable, renders you “Guilty of a great wrong against God and humanity, and it would be perfectly right for anyone to interfere with you, so far as to free those you willfully and wickedly hold in bondage”. And we shall interfere with you upon the promptings of our own souls and that of our Maker. For we “acknowledge no master in human form”.

Dear ICJ and the UN, if you fail to deliver justice to humanity, then prepare for justice because we shall be coming for you and your masters. The statutes and charters that hitherto, prevent you from responding to our petitions would then give you the powers to label us terrorists and declare war upon us. But we shall be the proudest terrorists to stand up in defense of humanity that has been taken hostage by few savages for centuries. No freedom fighter in human history, be he Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Gandhi, John Brown, Washington, Mandela, Nkrumah, etc. has ever missed the label of a fugitive terrorist. Just as it takes a thief to catch a thief, it shall take a terrorist to rescue the world from a much bigger terrorist.

Religion has been the most potent tool in bringing justice to humanity, since the dawn of human civilization. But all the current religions, without any exception, have become the worse tools of human servitude, enslavement and deception. But the messiah, whom the whole world has been waiting for to come and rescue us from tyranny, is not here yet. We therefore consider it injustice to humanity and an affront to the Divine principle in us, for us to sit silently waiting for a savior whilst humanity is being taken hostage and made to suffer all kinds of inhumane treatments, including unjust wars, needless poverty and hunger, engineered diseases, and above all, the lost of human liberty.

We give you a notice of war from God and us, against tyranny, injustice and human savagery in any part of the world and with immediate effect. If we die standing up for human liberty, we shall become the seed from which the Messiah will sprout. But if we achieve victory in the process, then there would be no need for a Messiah.

In all cases, we know it is time for the truth to take over the reign of the world and to bring final settlement to the moral question; a question which has been lingering over humanity for over seven centuries since the departure of the first slave ship from Africa through the Mediterranean, long before the first slave ship sailed the coast of the Atlantic.

You can ignore this as you have done for centuries. But know that it may be the last warning before the Divine justice descends upon mankind. Therefore, take heed.

Thank You.
Yours Faithfully,
Hardi Shahadu: A citizen of Ghana and a caller to the truth and justice for humanity.