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John Kpikpi Talks Marriage & Family At Effective Living Series

John Kpikpi Talks Marriage & Family At Effective Living Series

The second day of the last week of Effective Living Series with John Kpikpi gives a deep insight into the family.

The discussion started off with the foundation of the family, which is marriage.

In his submission on the Citi Breakfast Show, he took his time to delve into what marriage is, because according to him, you cannot have a happy home and family without a happy marriage.

“A husband and wife are the physical infrastructure of a marriage. If the two partners involved are not functioning well together, there is a great chance of not getting a good home”.

According to Kpikpi, every marriage is like building a house which requires a blueprint for starting the process.

“Settle the issues before you get started. I believe every marriage is like building a house, and there is a plan for building it. Unfortunately, most people start without finding out this plan”.

He noted that the mistake most couples make is having their own individual plans of what the marriage should be.

This, he said, can be detrimental to a marriage because of the likelihood of the opposing plans or vision of both couples.

He advised a man and a woman who want to settle, to try and understand marriage from God’s perspective to make marriage work.

The first and foremost thing in the blueprint of a marriage, is understanding that marriage is about companionship “Which means they are close together, they share their lives, they support each other, they share the food or bread together,” he said.

The second thing in the blueprint of marriage from God’s perspective, is that a man and his wife will become one in the flesh, to look like and function like one unit.

“God wants every marriage on earth to have his creative ‘one flesh’”

The next thing he spoke about is choosing the right person. According to him, the person you have met is the one ordained for you.

To be able to find the right person, you need to open your eyes in God’s way or in a godly manner to what you want.

You need to work on yourself first to able to find the right someone for you. Look for deeper inner character, like faithfulness.

Faithfulness should be something you must find in the right person for you to spend the rest of your life with.

His last submission on the description of a happy home is whether or not your home is a safe haven for you, a place you are eager to go after a hustle and tussle with the world, a place where you and your partner work together as a team, and place where there is peace. If you are able to be true to yourself in the answers to what has been mentioned, then you have happy home and a family.