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Riverdale fans want Cheryl to get help for mental issues as Mrs. Blossom’s emotional abuse continues

TODAY: Riverdale fans want Cherly to get help for mental issues as her mother's emotional and psychological abuse continues

Riverdale fans are concerned that Penelope’s way out of line with her treatment of Cheryl (Picture: CW)

She’s one of the most polarizing figures in the small and (not so) sleepy town of Riverdale.

And while Cheryl Blossom, played by Madelaine Petsch, is without a doubt one of the more fiery, narcissistic, and sassy individuals to grace the hallways of Riverdale High, she’s a lot more fragile than many in the town would believe.

As the show continues to dig deeper into the collective psyche of the town, and indeed its central players, much has… Read the full story