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Use Retired Footballers To Sell The Ghana Premier League–Tornado Appiah

Use Retired Footballers To Sell The Ghana Premier League--Tornado Appiah

Former Blackstars captain Stephen Appiah has revealed he is ready to sell the Ghana premier League to the world if he is invited to be a brand ambassador.

According to the former Juventus player, The English premier league which is the most watched soccer league in the world gained the recognition it has today because of good branding and it was up to the officials of the Ghana Football Association to brand the league well.

“We are playing a league that doesn’t have sponsors so we need to brand the league very well to attract the supporters to fill the various stadia. Matches played in the EPL always have full stadium attendance because the league is attractive”.

In an interview with SVTV Africa’s Evans Amewugah, Appiah said he will on any day agree to serve as an ambassador to promote the Ghanaian League. According to him, football has given him a lot and he would not let any opportunity pass him by to give back to the country that has made him who he is.

He has therefore called on officials in charge of the Ghana Premier League to use retired footballers like himself and other players who have good brands to help promote the league.

Stephen Appiah Captained the Blackstars to its first worldcup in 2010 where the team made it to the round of 16 after beating USA and Czech republic.