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Madrid: Architects Of Their Own Destruction

Madrid: Architects Of Their Own Destruction

The 2017/2018 season, regardless of how it ends -not looking good so far- will go down as one of the weirdest seasons in the history of Real Madrid.

Used to being first or playing second fiddle to Barcelona, this is one of the few seasons in recent memory that Madridistas feel they’d need to put up a fight to enter the automatic qualification stage of the Champions League’

Fourth with 3 points behind high flying Valencia and a paltry 2 point ahead of Villarreal, the Champions League holders will have to win the weekend’s game away to Valencia or look forwards to a season that’d be best described as a crises one.

Their current situation though is due to their own making.

Real Madrid got complacent and football hates complacency. When you win 3 CLs in 4 seasons and break your La Liga hoodoo last season after a very long time of boohoos from fans, it makes you believe you’re on top of everything and that is very dangerous for any football club.

Things can change very quickly in football. Football humbles the proud and Madrid are facing the full brunt of football fury. Zidane has done a very great job over the last 2 seasons but the jury has always been out on him. Some believed tactically, he was nothing special. They believe what went for him is the respect he carried across the Madrid fraternity. Zidane used that to get the best out of his players. He massaged the bruised ego of Cristiano Ronaldo especially who suffered under Rafa Benitez and the result was 2 years of excellence.

Now, ice of motivation; letting players believe they can play every game with motivation has thawed and Madrid are in real trouble. What has been learnt is, a manager motivating players is not enough….this is the time the tactical nous of Zidane must come to the fore and it’s going to be a big challenge for a manager who used motivation to spur his troops on. *(you have the right to disagree on this)

I have always maintained that, Zidane didn’t do a great job in the summer transfer window. For a manager to let an experienced Pepe leave without replacement is unbelievable. When Madrid needed goals last season, if they weren’t coming from CR7, they came from Morata. I’ve got to tell you, many Madrid fans wanted Benzema sold instead. As if that wasn’t enough, they let James leave for Bayern on a 2 year loan deal and was replaced by Dani Ceballos.

The Question is, were Real Madrid hoping to be very competitive or they were looking to rebuild for the future? What is happening now is as a result of bad management in my opinion from the manager especially. Why didn’t they replace Morata and Pepe? At some point this season, you’d clearly notice they lack creativity and James would have provided something at least.

And then there are talks about tiredness/fatigue. *(Which I don’t buy)*

Granted this is the case, as a manager, why didn’t he bring in new faces to invigorate the squad?

So it takes us back to bad management and for a club like Madrid who hadn’t seen success like Barca have in the last few years, you’d expect once they have been able to be where they have longed to be especially in the last decade, they wouldn’t relent and let this slip

It’s hard on the Madrid fans who actually believed they were also about dominating the game for at least the next decade. It’s not too late though but it’s going to be a difficult task. Looking into the future, they must look beyond Ronaldo who would be 33 soon, Ramos, Benzema and Bale. These are in my opinion the pillars of Madrid. They are all either on the wrong side of age or injury prone. Replacing these guys who have been skin and bone and symbols of Madrid won’t be an easy task but hey for a club of Madrid’s financial stature, they can do it and they must do it real quick before Barcelona get into their strides.

Players like Kane, Neymar and Dybala might be the future front trio (tasty ?)

That said though, Madrid are architects of their own demise which is a good thing because they control their own destiny and they can propel themselves back to the right path of glory.

With two legs of Champions League against high flying PSG, Madrid have the opportunity to bring their season back on track or finally hit the nail into their coffin. For the currently dizzy team they have been so far this season, the former looks more inevitable.

This is what happens when you decide not to sign because a certain Ascensio, a player who turned 22 a week ago has emerged.