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So, 12,000 people were on the waiting list for these very basic, plain £33 trousers

(Picture: Everlast)

‘Build it and they will come,’ is the capitalist mantra.

Get a few people interested in something and eventually, everyone will want it. That’s how crazes big. No one really wants a Pokemon trading card but once a few kids have them, you’ve got to catch ’em all – amirite?

And that’s a similar (I imagine) to what’s going on with fashion brand Everlane’s new trousers.

Everlane has just brought out The Work Pant – a very simple, classic pair of trousers which come in a few non-offensive shades like beige and navy.

They’re sort of peak Dr Foster vibes.

They’re nice, they’re reasonably priced (£33) and they’re quite flattering.

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