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Meet the vegan pilot who flies around the world with his own packed lunches

(Picture: theveggiepilot/Instagram)

Being a pilot must be the dream.

There you are, travelling to all these exotic countries, staying in lush hotels and eating all the delicious grub from first class.

But when you’re a vegan pilot, you’ve got to come prepared – you can’t just rely on cabin fodder, even if it is dead fancy.

‘I pack my own meals. I go into a trip with enough food to eat almost every meal out my lunchbox,’ vegan pilot, Matthew Ayer, tells Metro.co.uk.

‘This way, regardless of what happens and where I end up, I have tasty, nutritious food.’

Matthew, AKA The Veggie Pilot, is something of a cult figure on Instagram in his striped lapels and… Read the full story