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Opinion: The Monster Of Smartphone Technology

The generation of the 21st century has undergone various facets of technological revolution and advancements, since the invention of the worldwide web to the transition of landline communication to mobile communications, a consequence of which has impacted on a boom in global commerce and trade, facilitating business interaction amongst nations from the Americans to the last man in Timbuktu.

Such is what could be seen as a celestial blessing to consumers and beneficiaries of smartphone technology. Every year, Hi-Tech companies continue to bombard the market through elaborate advertising strategies, showcasing different mobile phone designs with variably improved features to bait the consumers into buying what could be seen as efficient, modern and trending gadget to behold, without much disclosure of the many concerns raised in the last decade by scientist and researchers on the negative impact of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation exposure and absorbed in to the body of users.

Globally, it is estimated that 5 billion mobile phones are in circulation, averagely emitting between 30,000 Hz to 300 Billion Hz. Electromagnetic fields in the radiofrequency is what allows mobile communication to be possible. Gadgets like Microwave, radio transmissions, televisions are some of the inventions benefiting from electromagnetism. Unfortunately, these benefits cannot negate the health concerns associated with human exposure to radiation emissions from mobile smartphones.

Radion effect on brain
Epidemiological studies, researching into the relationship of smartphone use and the risk of malignant brain tumors, like gliomas as well as benign tumors and acoustic neuromas (tumors in the cells of nerves responsible for hearing). Such studies have been carried out in various forms such as case-controlled study, which compares the use of cell phone with people suffering from these types of tumor and people without them. Another study of a large group over a long and steady period of time and the impact of radiofrequency energy to the brain, indicate serious damaging effects of heat generated by these devices into the body.

So the critical question all mobile phone users should be asking at this point, is, are the use of mobile phones harmful to our health? A response to this question could be found in the World Health Organization report in July, 23, 2015, “classifies cell phones radiation as a ‘possible carcinogen’ due to an increased risk of brain cancer from long term use and heavy use of cell phones”. This report further cited a study in the Netherlands, where 31 healthy females were exposed to 3G mobile phone use for 15 minutes and their Electroencephalogram (EEG) was measured. It discovered a cortical reactivity increase as soon as radiation was detected by the brain.

Radiation effect on fertility
On the list of items with negative impact on our environment, mobile phone radiation is in the ‘Hall of Fame’ of toxins that affect our planet. Studies have shown that radiation emission affects the sperm of males. Research has proven the case of low sperm count in men, especially those who put phones in their pockets or waists area. This position causes an electromagnetic communication with the male testicles, consequent to which the quality of sperm over a period is damaged. In a report published by Stanford University in 2012, Ken Ferguson discovered that 15% of married couples suffer infertility of which 50% of the case has a connection to do mobile phone radiation exposure.

Our world is moving at a fast pace of technological advancement. The use of mobile phones are replacing many ancient ways of human lifestyle. The global financial space is using smartphones as a tool for banking transactions, payments and receipt. The surge in App development and software programing of businesses, our smartphones are now the power tool to executing many functions in our daily activities and therefore its importance cannot be disregarded. Its use has come to stay regardless of the negatives associated with radiation emission.

Governments and businesses should rather invest in finding ways of reducing the impact, if not eradicate it. More education should be given to mobile phone users to understand the health implication of the radiation.

Radiofrequency in mobile phones is a good servant but and monster to health. It is on the back of these challenging health implication why a company like Nano fixit Ghana is in the right direction in the introduction of the ‘Nanofixit’product range to protect users and must be supported by mobile phone users, businesses and non-governmental organization to give more focus in this direction to save lives and expand research into producing more of such products.

Killing the radiation monster
Modern scientific research through Nano technology has unearthed this major discovery of a rare product onto the market. A company in Ghana, it is leading an anti-radiation campaigner, to save cell phone users from the consequential monster effect of radiation exposure, the first of its kind in Ghana.

The Nanofixtit liquid application requires just a single drop on the mobile phone, smeared and spread on the screen and back cover of the gadget. This is guaranteed to protect the user up to 24 months .There are 3 major benefits derived from the liquid.

Radiation protection and redirection to a maximum of 85% of radiation emission from the smartphone. This will protect the hearing nerves of the ear and brain cells from cancer.

Enhanced screen resolution and camera for perfect picture quality

Screen protector against cracked screens. The end of an era to buying bulky screen covers to cover your phone. Just a liquid applicator reinforce the screen

Be careful what you as a case cover from your mobile phone. Many case covers reduces mobile phone signals reduces battery life span, thereby increasing the emissions of radiation to your body

Turn on airplane mode of your phone when not in use, especially during bed time hours. Keep mobile handset away from head and body.

Whenever you make a phone call, wait for the call connect before placing handset to your ear. Mobile phone emit more radiation when ringing and waiting to connect.

Children should only be allowed to use cell phone for emergencies. This protects children of early negative effects of radiation and effects of mobile use.

Dorcas Gray/citifmonline.com/Ghana
The Author is the CEO of NANA FIX IT Ghana