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Effective Living Series: Caleb Ayiku Offers Tips For ‘Fighting Until You Win’

Following a number of requests from listeners, the Effective Living Series has been extended to the end of January.

The first of the final three sessions, on today’s edition of the Citi Breakfast Show, featured a discussion on “fighting until you win” in whatever situation or opportunity life presents to you.

Business turnaround specialist, management consultant and author, Caleb Ayiku brought an insightful angle on making the best of any situation while ensuring that negative attributes which limited a person’s potential are discontinued.

“The first thing to look at when fighting until you win is potential. Every human has potential but it is essential to know that in as much as you have potential, there are predators designed to prey on your potential. It is up to you to be able to beat your particular predator and win,” he said.

Mr. Ayiku noted eight things that limit a person’s potential and stated that it is important that one commits to halting such behaviours in order to maximise their potential.

These eight things, according to him are:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Dissipation of time
  3. Love for pleasure
  4. Addiction
  5. Damaging emotion
  6. Inertia due to failure
  7. Isolation
  8. Self-indiscipline

Mr. Ayiku stated that fighting procrastination is the first step to win adding that “procrastination is simply the tendency to put off actions”.

He said that there are three key pointers to fighting procrastination; spending time alone to plan the action you have to take, setting fewer goals and asking yourself this particular question: ‘If I had time to do just one thing today or one thing this week what one thing should I do?’

The second battle to win Mr Ayiku noted was the ‘Dissipation of time’.

“Time is more precious than money and that is why you must not waste it,” he said.

According to the Ayiku, “time utilization will always make the differences between success and failure,”

He advised that everyone must have simple a time structure in which they create ample time for personal reflection and prayer, for proper nutrition for your body, for building meaningful relationships and for rest.

“These four things will influence your potential more than you can imagine,” he said.

Love for pleasure is something everyone falls victim to, Caleb Ayiku noted, stating that if some of our guilty pleasures are not pursued with caution, they will limit our potential.

“Any uncontrolled urge can totally derail your goals, you’ll lose sight of what is most important,” he said.

Addiction, he said, has taken away great people and stifled their future and career; including the likes of Kiki Gyan, Whitney Huston, Michael Jackson, and many others.

He noted that addiction cannot be fought alone and it is important that you talk to someone about it or get professional help.

Mr. Ayiku out pointed out that damaging emotions like anger, anxiety fear, discouragement, rejection and hatred, if unchecked, can do a lot of damage to your potential of winning.

According to him, all these unhealthy emotions can rob a person of their health, joy and optimism, inertia and energy.

Caleb Ayiku moved on to inertia brought about by failure has locked a lot a people in their misery and “if you don’t make a conscious effort to break free from the inertia due to failure you will never realise your potential and bring your dreams to life.”

“Many people get immobilized, by a failure, by a past incident that did not go too well, but you have to be shaken and get going,” he added.

The next battle is against isolation and no matter how great your potentials are, you cannot achieve them alone, the consultant said.

“There are very few great things that can be done by one person, many great things require a team effort, and many great things require that you team up with somebody to do something to pursue a dream, so what team are you on?” he queried.

Mr. Ayiku concluded by stating that indiscipline kills a lot of great potentials but indiscipline can be curbed if you make a personal commitment to your time, relationships and your resources.

“If you do not put in place the measures, to make sure that you are disciplined in the use of your times, in the people you relate with, and with your resources, 2018 will pass you by and you would not have achieved what you want to achieve,” he said.

Below is the full audio of Caleb Ayiku’s tips on ‘fighting until you win’