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Timetable For Water Rationing To Be Made Public

Residents across the country who are hard hit by water shortages may have to look to God for redemption

According to the Communications Director of the Ghana Water Company Limited, Stanley Mantey the rate of evaporation of water bodies across the country has become alarming and unless there is rain, there will be consequences for some communities.

While blaming bad farming practices, illegal felling of trees and galamsey activities, the water company spokesperson said if the rains do not come soon enough in Yendi, the river, which is their only source of water, will evaporate completely.

He said the Tano river is also depleting at a faster rate and warned if the water resources across the country are not managed the country will be importing water by end of 2020.

“Posterity will not forgive us if that happens,” he added.

There has been a widespread agitation for regular supply of water after some residents complained of shortages.

In Tamale the situation is deteriorating by the day after a thoroughly dry harmattan season.

Correspondent Martina Bugri has been speaking to some residents who complain the situation has become unbearable.

Most of the rivers in the Municipality have dried up completely, a situation which has forced residents to trek several distances for water.

Some hire tricycles to travel several kilometers away to fetch water from a dam polluted by animals.

Stanley Martey insists the Ghana Water Company cannot be held responsible for the dire water situation across the country.

“The resource is unavailable or depleting at a fast rate” he stated and blamed human activities for the canker.

He called upon all Ghanaians to put their shoulders to the wheel and stop the illegal human activities around water banks in order to protect the water bodies.

Asked if the Company has begun a rationing arrangement, Mr Martey said every region has its own peculiar problems but a time table will soon be provided to guide consumers as to when the tap for each area will be opened or closed.

“No community will however go without water for two days,” he promised, assuring, in the third day there must be water.