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Petrol Tanker Which Overturned Scaring Drivers On Tema Motorway

An overturned petrol tanker on the Tema Motorway this [Monday] evening left vehicular traffic at a standstill for about two hours.

There were fears from some drivers that the tanker was leaking gas that could have led to an explosion.

“We thought it was gas and people were scared and people abandoned their vehicles and all that,” the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) Commander for the Tema Region, Chief Superintendent Joe Owusu Bempah remarked to Citi News.

The Fire Service had to block the road as a safety measure after some of the petrol had leaked into a nearby drain, he noted.

“The Fire Service came in with towing vehicle to bring the tanker back on road but it was heavy so they could do not that. So they brought another tanker and they have evacuated the fuel. They have offloaded everything onto the new tanker and now the road is clear… There is no danger. Initially, people thought it was gas tanker so people were scared but when they realized it was petrol, people calmed their nerves down and now the traffic is moving,” Supt. Bempah narrated.

The police are yet to ascertain how this truck overturned on the highway to cause the scare and eventual gridlock

“I don’t know what happened because where it [the truck] fell, there is no pothole, there is no curve. It is just a straight road. So as to how sometimes some of these heavy trucks fall down, it beats my imagination. It just fell and from the afternoon, it has been lying down and people were accessing the road until the fire service came and declared the place as dangerous decided not to allow traffic,” Supt. Bempah said.

Lately, such incidents have put motorists on high alert considering previous cases of fuel-related explosions that have killed and injured many.