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Daily Guide Is 2nd Most Read Newspaper In Ghana

A media measurement survey report has placed DAILY GUIDE – Ghana’s favourite newspaper – as among the top two most read newspapers in the country, competing for the top spot with the state owned Daily Graphic.

GeoPoll’s Media Measurement Service has been engaged with the gauging service since 2014, relying on mobile phone service to gather its data as a principal methodology.

The system also captures additional data such as age, gender and location of respondents.

The survey of the top 15 newspapers in Ghana indicated that Daily Graphic and DAILY GUIDE have daily readership of about 2.2 million, followed by the Ghanaian Times – another state owned media – taking the third place.

The report placed Adom TV, Peace FM, Goodnews FM, Hello FM, as the top national and regional media outlets in Ghana for the year 2017.

Adom TV, a national broadcaster as per the Geopoll report, is the leading television station averaging 662,000 viewers per month. TV3 and UTV followed in that order. Joy Prime is fourth with 364,000 viewers.

The leading radio stations in the Greater Accra, Ashanti and Western regions are Peace FM with 111,000 listeners, Hello FM, 186,000 listeners and Goodnews Fm, 57,000 average daily listeners respectively.

In the radio category GeoPoll analyzed data at the regional level in Greater Accra, Ashanti, and Western regions and placed accordingly as Peace, Citi Fm with Joy leading in Accra.

“Peace FM led in the average audience numbers in all four quarters throughout the year. Citi FM has seen the highest improvement in increasing their audience share. In Q2, Citi increased its share from 9% to 11% and in Q4 as well. In Q3, Citi was leading with a 13% share compared to 12% for Peace,” the report posted.

Continuing, the report posted, “In Ashanti, we see Hello, Nhyira, Kessben, and Luv lead as the top four stations.

Throughout the year in Ashanti, Hello led in ratings, although in Q4 there was stiffer competition between the top two stations: Both Hello FM and Nhyira had a 13% share each.

Kessben performed well through Q3. However, Luv took the third spot in Q4 with 10% share.’

In Western, GeoPoll stated, “Goodnews and Space compete for the top spot, followed by Skyy Power and Rok competing for third.”

The report states that Ghana “enjoys a vibrant media landscape, with about 392 radio stations, 51 TV stations as per the National Communications Authority 2017 Report, and over 15 newspaper publications.”

The media survey report, according to GeoPoll assists advertisers to make informed choices when determining where to send their messages for effective outcomes.

With a continent-wide coverage of Africa, it appears to have mastered the media terrain in every country in Africa and serving the needs of many an advertisement giant, feeding them with important details about the various media channels.

By A.R. Gomda