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Ibn Chambas Visits Bawumia In London

Dr. Mohammed Ibn Chambas, the UN Special Representative and Head of the UN Office for West Africa (UNOWA) was one of the many persons who visited the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia in London where he is currently convalescing after a brief ailment.

The picture was taken on Sunday night when Dr. Chambas flew to London after an assignment in Berlin and proceeded to visit the Vice President both of them Old Boys of the Tamale Senior High School, formerly Government Secondary School.

The picture of the guest and host, like others before it, has trended on social media as though to tell those who relished distributing faked stories about the Vice President that their game was over.

A previous picture about the Vice President and his spouse in the streets of London was still rubbished by those who have been busy with all manner of fictions about the Number Two Gentleman.

Following the activities of bad politicians in the light of Dr. Bawumia’s trip abroad, the negative role of social media has come under the sledgehammer. Responsible personalities from both sides of the political divide have pointed out that even though freedom of expression and media must be enhanced, what has happened in the past fortnight leaves much to be desired.

Even when it was reported that the Vice President was living in a rented accommodation in London, the mischief makers reported that his condition had become critical and so was transferred to another health facility as though the Guys Hospital they said he was hospitalized in, could not manage the ailment they lied he was afflicted with.

Not even the pictorial evidence in opposition to what they had put out textually as being the true reflection of the Vice President’s state stopped them immediately. They questioned the authenticity of the pictures and subjected themselves to public opprobrium when their project eventually dropped from the precipice.

The Vice President is due home in the next few days even though many have asked that he takes a long leave.