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Report Sub-Standard Cement – GSA

Report Sub-Standard Cement - GSA

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has advised building contractors and the general public to report suspected sub-standard cement on the market to their outfit (GSA) for testing.

This was on the back of information received by GSA, indicating the presence of some below-standard and unapproved cement on the Ghanaian market.

Head of Civil Engineering Lab. of the GSA, Eastern Region, Mr. Tsaku Mawuli, confirmed that most of the cement brands on the market have undergone testing and passed all stages involved, hence making them good for construction. He cited CIMAF, Ghacem, Diamond Savannah, Fcl, Sol and Dangote as examples of such brands.

He, however, did not rule out the influx of new cement products on the market, which have not been tested by GSA. He, therefore, cautioned users to be wary of such brands since GSA cannot guarantee their quality.

“Ghana Standards Authority is a regulator and a third-party. We encourage individuals to submit samples of cement they suspect of being sub-standard for testing. Legal actions can be taken against such firms, should their products fail the test”.

Speaking to Mohammed Zunurene, GBC Sunrise FM’s Morning Show host, Mr. Tsaku Malwuli admitted that although the GSA has representatives at various entry points, the Authority is quite amputated in terms of personnel.

“We don’t have the numbers to cover the whole country, but with the change in government, GSA had started employing a lot more people to be able to cover the country”. He said.

Mr. Mawuli hinted that the GSA undertakes monthly certification of products. He thus, urged buyers to look out for such certification to guarantee safety.

Finally, he advised all cement users to know the ‘right mix in order achieve perfection and not to wrongly conclude that a particular brand is bad.