Introducing Husein Ismail, a rising musician from the Northern part of Ghana

Ghana has truly been blessed with a lot of creative minds, most especially, when the Arts and Entertainment Industry comes to mind.

One of such brainy acts is Husein Ismail, a young musician who hopes to take his country (Ghana) into another level of greatness with his music prowess.

Nambe TV, in a short conversation with Husein, on Monday, 29th January, 2018, disclosed how poised he is to make it big out there and also the urge to promote Ghana worldwide, despite not having any Official Manager to support him.

“It’s not really easy out there, most especially, not having a music producer nor a promoter, as well as a recording studio. Currently, I record my own songs with a Personal Computer at home.” He said.

Meanwhile, the unavailability of a Music Manager nor a promoter, wouldn’t allow Husein give up on his dream to achieve greater things.

“Trust me, I don’t have any studio nor equipment but ‘I dey manage’. I know Allah will certainly make way and also take me to places, and I am looking forward to take Ghana Music higher. My doors are really open, searching for a Manager who is ready support and guide me in whatever I do. Getting a Manager will definitely push my career into another level.”

Ismail also entreated Ghanaians to support underground acts, (not only musicians) in this country, who are ready to uplift the good name of this country since Ghana is blessed to have them.

“There are lots of underground acts with great talents seeking for some support to make it big, and they’ll surely make sit should the support come their way. It’s a good thing to support our own at all times, and I encourage everyone to do that.”

Rap K, affectionately nicknamed by his peers was born in Kintampo, however, he comes from comes from WaleWale, in the Northern Region of Ghana.

He attended Wulugu Senior High School, one of the prestigious School in the Northern Region.

As a result of his Hard-work and dedication to music, he earned a lot of recognition back in school, and still uphold a high level of respect.

He has two songs to his credit, Igwe and Higher, but looks forward to record more songs.

Prospective Managers can contact Husein Ismail on 0204142104.

Source: Nambe Patrick