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Ghanaians Are Suffering Under The Intrigue Ruling Of Akufo-Addo

A pressure group Coalition of Democratic Governance (CDG), has described the first year rule of president Nana Akufo-Addo-led government as riddled with bullet shots of corruption, nepotism, incompetence, lies, insincerity and arrogance.

That, he has surrounded himself with Government appointees who are relatives, business friends and cohorts, hoping through this art, to perpetuate his substandard Government and presidency.

According to the group, 2017, was a year full of intrigues which started with threatening activities of NPP vandals and vigilante groups. A year in which a vigilante group – delta forces – descended on a sitting court of Justice in Kumasi, forcing terrified Judges to flee for dear life; leaving Justice to the control of terrorist.

“A year in which multiple increases in fuel prices, increases in electricity and water bill have traumatized the average Ghanaian, resulting in abject desperation and hopelessness. A year in which rising food and merchandise prices could not be halted, leading to an inflation of 11.8 % in December. The cedi rate to dollar continues to fall, resisting the arrogant intimidation by Dr. Bawumia to arrest the fall.

The Government in 2017, engaged Vokacom company to partner Ghana Post GPS to roll out a Digital Addressing System in Ghana. The Asaase App sold by Vokacom ( owned Mr Afrifa an NPP supporter) to the Government for $ 2.5 million, (2, 500 000 dollar) is actually free and can be down loaded from Google. According to International experts, the Google App is free, except intellectual property charges of about $ 400,000,” the Coalition indicated.

In a release signed by Dr. E.K. Hayford, the Chief Convener of the group and copied to Newsghana.com.gh, “asked, can this be the usual create, loot and share practice of the NPP? The BOST scandal, the bribery scandal against two deputy Chief of Staff, Premix fuel smuggle to neighbouring countries, the $ 2.5 billion ( 2,500 000 000 dollar) bond scandal from the Ministry of Finance, The loss of 100,000 jobs, graduates unemployment and job losses from the mining sector are all worrying signs of mismanagement.”

The release said, “the free SHS which could have brought financial relief to Ghanaians, is now a bitter pill to swallow. The second and third year students are now paying almost double what they used to, to finance the first year. The project was badly structured, and so lacks adequate concept plan. Risk assessment, monitoring and evaluation, consultations with stake holders, pilot scheme and financial assessment were all parameters that were not considered; leaving the sustainability of the free SHS project in doubt.

The result is large increases in student numbers, inadequate infrastructure (dormitories, dinning halls, classrooms etc..) and logistics, which are causing unexpected overcrowding in some schools. Diseases such as H1N1 and meningitis have resulted in deaths in some schools. Similarly, the many promises given by President Akufo Addo and Dr Bawumia in their electioneering campaign have turned out to be a mirage.”

Meanwhile, “the national desire to eliminate galamsey led to the creation of a task force which is working successfully. Now we are told a court has granted one billion dollar ( $1,000 000 000) financial loss against the State. The one billion dollar was granted to Regional Chairman Wontumi of the NPP as compensation for attack on his mining equipment. Can this be one of the usual gimmick to create , loot and share by the NPP? Can you compare one billion dollars ($1,000 000 000) financial loss to any of the previous financial losses?

Judging from above, the Coalition for Democratic Governance (CDG) observes that Ghana is bleeding badly from abject corruption and the people are suffering. Unprecedented tricks and lies are eloquently structured and conceptualized to divert the attention of the average and innocent Ghanaian, while the few at the top and their cronies swim in riches and wealth.” the Coalition reiterated.