Prophet Predicts Nigeria’s Future In 2015

The leader of Divine Intelligence Ministry, Prophet George Fakolade, on Wednesday claimed he has seen Nigeria’s future in 2015.

Speaking to newsmen about his prophecy for Nigeria, Fakolade said that there is going to be a change of government in 2015, adding that a new government that would transform Nigeria for the better will be ushered in.

The cleric, who was optimistic that the suffering of Nigerians would come to an end, noted that the new government will bring about abundance.

According to him, the world is governed by divine intelligence as directed by God, adding that Nigeria cannot be able to ignore this fact and remain stagnant.

Fakolade claimed that he has been directed by God to solve the problems facing the country in less than 20 days.

The prophet whose several prophecies about political events in the country have materialised, insisted that there is going to be a great divine change in the country come 2015 because new governors would come on board.

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The clergyman acknowledged that Nigeria is the richest country in the world in all aspects as created by God, but noted that bad leadership has made it stagnant.

He further reiterated that the end has come for bad leadership in Nigeria.

“Lt. General T. Y Danjuma would be part of the government; God has decreed it since the year 2000, and it is going to be a divine appointment of a divine regime. It is an unchangeable decree from God. People asked me why T. Y. Danjuma; I told them that God has a covenant with him. God is a covenant keeping God; when He says something, it is going to happen; we just have to be prepared” Fakolade said.

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