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Black Panther knocked off Rotten Tomatoes perch after getting first bad review

One film review has criticised Black Panther for not having enough fight sequences (Picture: Disney/Marvel Studios)

Black Panther has had its first negative review, ruining its 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

After seeing off internet trolls who tried to sabotage its rating as they blame Marvel for the negative reviews the DC Extended Universe has received, it has only taken one review to dent the perfect scoring.

The 3-star review, from Independent.ie, calls the film a ‘stodgy tale of internecine feuding’ and criticises it for not having enough fight sequences.

‘What [Black Panther] doesn’t get to do much of is jump around beating-up bad guys,’ it reads.

‘That’s a shame. Marvel has finally… Read the full story

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