VIDEO: Poor women renting their wombs to foreigners to earn a good living

(Scroll down for video) Poor women in India, are speaking out about their jobs of renting out their wombs.
Commercial surrogacy is a booming business. 

Infertile couples around the world are now paying women to have their babies. 

The Indian surrogacy clinic provides an economical alternative for childless couples and in return, the money these surrogate mothers earn is used to help the women get out of poverty.

The young women who choose to participate in the program, stay at the Akanksha Infertility Clinic, located in the small town of Anand, in Gujarat State. The women are monitored throughout the pregnancy.

There are about 50 women available to have babies as surrogates. The women are implanted with clients’ emborios. 

The doctors at the clinic deliver about 3 babies every month. The price for the entire procedure cost about $30,000 – which is much cheaper than in the United States. 

About $8,000 is given to the surrogate mother. This is about 10 years of wages at a regular job in India.
Some women choose to be a surrogates more than once. 

More than 700 surrogate babies have been delivered at the clinic so far. All the money earned from these treatments has greatly impacted the economic situation of the city.

Neeta Makwara, 30, who lives in the nearby town of Nadiad, has gone through surrogacy twice. She used the money to build a three-story house. She even rented the ground floor, to have a steady income.

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