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Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this Turkish delight flavoured gin

(Picture: Metro.co.uk/31Dover)

Turkish Delight flavoured gin is here, and it comes courtesy of Zymurgorium, the company behind the Parma Violets flavoured gin.

The Zymurgorium Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur is the latest release from the experimental Manchester distillery.

It’s a gin-based liqueur, which according to the product description, features the ‘aromatic, fragrant flavours of Turkish delight’, and has floral notes of rose petals, light juniper and a touch of mint for a fresh aftertaste.

The gin is pink, inspired by rose Turkish delight, and is a ‘must try’ for gin-lovers looking for something a little different.

This gin should be enjoyed differently, too. 31 Dover, where the gin is currently being sold… Read the full story

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