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We Have Evidence To Prosecute Frank Nuttall – Hearts of Oak Official

Marketing and Commercial Affairs Manager of Accra Hearts of Oak, Mr Kweku Sakyi Quashie, hinted that the club has enough evidence to indict coach Frank Nuttall for misconduct.

The club released an official statement indicating that the Scottish trainer has been suspended indefinitely for misconduct.

Nuttall is believed to be the brain behind the exit of players from the club and the management of the club have been accused of not being on top of issues but Mr Sakyi insisted that club was in the know of all of Coach Nuttall’s wrongdoings but only gave him the benefit of doubt only for him to fall right into their trap.

“It is very wrong for people to say Management of Hearts of Oak is not in charge. We knew all that Nuttall was doing but we only wanted to get all our evidence and we have fifty plus now”, he said.

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Mr. Sakyi further argued that management needed to give Coach Nuttall a fair hearing thus the emergency meeting three days ago and the resulting verdict.

“Nuttall previously denied all the allegations levelled against him but later agreed on having an agency affiliate in Holland and Egypt which were dealing with our players”.

“Hearts of Oak have only suspended coach Nuttall and not sacked him as people are concluding; we will deem it fit to do so or otherwise if the committee investigating him recommends that”, Sakyi Quashie added.