Ghana/China to work on reducing security threats

A nine-member delegation from China’s Guang Dong Province on Friday met the Interior Minister and some key members in the ministry to discuss ways of forging effective partnership aimed at reducing security threats. 

Speaking through an interpreter, head of the delegation, Ms Luo Juan, Deputy Director-General of Public Security Department of the Province, said building strong partnership in areas of security would help provide better public service.

She noted that with growing number of Ghanaians resident in China, strong collaboration was required to deal with emerging issues of emigration.

Ms Juan said in 2013, China dealt with several cases involving illegal immigrants from Africa with quite a number of them coming from Ghana, adding: out of all the African countries, Ghana ranked 4th among those with overstayed permits.

However, Mr Kwesi Ahwoi, Minister for the Interior, said: “But I want to believe that the number is small or marginable as compared to Chinese citizens in Ghana for mining activities without correct resident permit.”

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Mr Ahwoi said Chinese residents in Ghana, primarily; those engaged in illegal mining activities have been creating a lot of problems for the nation.

He welcomed the move for Ghana and China to work together, in terms of training and exchange programmes, to strengthen the performance of the security agencies in both nations.

About 180 Ghanaians are resident in the Guang Dong Province which has a population of about 80 million, and counted among the 32 provinces in China.