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Mariam Musa breaks down after Callum Pardoe dumps her on Survival Of The Fittest: ‘I’ve never been the girl’

Mariam is crushed after Callum calls time on their relationship (Picture: ITV)

Mariam Musa gets her heart broken on Survival Of The Fittest after Callum Pardoe suddenly decides he’s gone off her and calls time on their relationship.

In scenes to air tonight Callum leaves Mariam in tears after explaining that he feels like ‘something is missing’.

He says: ‘I’m finding it weird. I love spending time with you, I know you’re the same and we bounce off each other I just feel like something is missing for me, romantically.

‘I adore you and from the start, you have made my experience in here honestly but there’s just something not there for… Read the full story

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