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Starbucks has added three new tea lattes to its menu

Starbucks launches tea lattes

(Picture: Starbucks)

Starbucks is releasing a new range of Teavana Tea Lattes just in time for spring.

Launching today, Starbucks has added three new drinks to its menu.

This tea is caffeine-free, and features a combination of Red Apple syrup and Apple Blossom dust, creating a slightly sweeter and fruitier version of the Rooibos Tea Latte.

According to Starbucks, the ‘seasonal apple flavour is enhanced by freeze-dried apples, sprinkled on top of the latte as ‘Red Apple dust’– creating the perfect drink for a spring-time Instagram photo’.

All of the lattes are made with microground tea – a way of extracting flavour from tea leaves. They’re then blended with milk.

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