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DCNPP Releases Websites Of Registered Political Parties In Nigeria

As part of its tasks in collecting and making available documentary material on and by Nigerian political parties available to the public, the Documentation Centre for Nigerian Political Parties (DCNPP) has again compiled the list of websites of registered political parties in Nigeria. Below is the list of registered political parties with visible and traceable websites.

1. Action Democratic Party (ADP),

2. All Progressives Congress (APC),

3. All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)

4. Action Peoples Party (APP)

5. Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)

6. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

7. Action Alliance (AA),

8. All Blending Party (ABP)

9. All Grand Alliance Party (AGAP)

10. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)

11. Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance(APDA)

12. Democratic Peoples Congress (DPC)

13. Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)

14. Fresh Democratic Party (FDP)

15. Green Party of Nigeria (GPN),

16. Grassroots Democratic Party of Nigeria (GDPN)

17. KOWA Party (KP),

18. Labour Party

19. Legacy Party of Nigeria (LPN)

20. Mega Party (MP)

21. National Conscience Party (NCP),

22. National Interest Party (NIP)

23. New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP)

24. New Progressive Movement

25. National Rescue Movement

26. Nigeria Democratic Congress Party (NDCP)

27. Peoples Democratic Movement

28. Peoples Progressive Party (PPN)

29. Peoples Redemption Party (PRP)

30. Restoration Party of Nigeria (RPN)

31. Social Democratic Party (SDP)

32. Sustainable National Party (SNP)

33. Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN)

34. United Progressive Party (UPP)

35. Young Democratic Party (YDP)

36. Young Progressive Party

Compiled by: National Coordinator of Documentation Centre for Nigerian Political Parties and Democratic Writers Association of Nigeria (DWAN).