Flat Roof Windows: Operation and Use

Flat roof windows are ideal if you would like a roof window, but don’t want a window sticking out of your roof. Flat roof windows are designed not to be seen from street level and sit flat against a building’s roof. The benefits of a roof window are still there even if they are discreet.


The most noticeable benefit of a roof window is the transformation of what was once a dark and dismal space into somewhere light and airy. Increased sunlight improves moods, reduces stress and helps with relaxation. The floods of natural sunlight will be there, whether it is a fixed or opening flat roof window. A flat roof window will also help warm a room in winter, cutting down on heating costs. An opening roof window will increase a room’s ventilation, really transforming the space. Opening roof windows aren’t appropriate for all spaces.

Fixed Flat Roof Windows

Fixed roof windows are windows that do not open. They require the minimum of maintenance and once installed, little thought is needed about them. It does require cleaning and to be checked for condensation. As long as no debris pile up on the outside, that’s about all there is to a fixed flat roof window.

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Windows that don’t open aren’t ideal for all spaces. Most people don’t want a window that won’t open in their bedroom. Fixed flat roof windows are perfect for inner staircases and hallways where the ceiling is too high for the benefits of an opening roof window. The area still gets the light, but not the ventilation. The residents of the home don’t need to concern themselves with opening and closing fixed windows.

Manually Opening Flat Roof Windows

These are flat roof windows that you open yourself by hand. They’ll need a component to keep them open. Some of these also need to be propped up by hand. Others do it automatically when the window is pushed open. If you can’t reach the window, specialist window poles are available. Some of them have a crank to turn to open. They’re maintained in the same way regular windows are cared for. They do need to be closed when raining. A manually opening flat roof window is ideal for homes that require an increase in ventilation but don’t have a stable electricity supply.

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Electric Roof Windows

These can be opened or closed by pressing a button. Some can even be operated by an app on a smartphone or tablet. In order to clean or perform any maintenance, the electricity supply to the window needs to be switched off.

Flat roof windows are simple to use and look after. Most are installed in places that are difficult to reach. This means ladders will be used when performing maintenance. Ladder safety is a must. If having a manually operated roof window installed, consider how high you have to reach to open and close it.

Properly maintained flat roof windows will bring years of natural sunlight into a room.