Fighting Galamsey: GNASSM Taskforce On Top Of Business

It is on record that the government has failed in the fight against illegal mining in the country for the fear of losing political power but individual association which is on top in the fight against illegal mining in the country is the Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners (GNASSM).

Though the association lacks support, equipment, and other logistics to embark on their daily activities the association is still doing better to ensure that recalcitrant illegal Miners are arrested and prosecuted for causing damage to our River bodies and the cherish Forest.

Just last yesterday, a team of thirty young men from the GNASSM taskforce led by Bresi Andoh, Commander of the taskforce Intercepted thirty-two functioning Chamfan machines, dredge and other mining equipment at Akyease, a mining community in the Atwima Mponua District in the Ashanti region.

The illegal Miners upon seeing the well-prepared taskforce ran helter-skelter leaving their machines inside the Ofin River.

The taskforce then Intercepted all the thirty-two illegal mining equipment that was working during the operation and then set fire into them.

Later, three Chamfan machines were brought to the Nyinahin District Assembly for evidence and other necessary actions to be taken against owners of the equipment.

The operation was done by the Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners taskforce against illegal Miners who operate on the Offin River at Akyease and it’s environs.

Speaking to Mr.Bresi Andoh, Commander of the task force, he said the interception and final destruction of the illegal mining equipment followed the Final War against recalcitrant illegal miners in the country by their Association.

He said the operation is to bring down the curtain on illegal mining on the Offin river in the district and protect the river against pollution.

According to him, the Association’s efforts to stop illegal mining activities were on course.

Commander Andoh said, some people had invaded the Atwima Mponua District to engage in Galamsey but warned that such people would not have their way and warned the recalcitrant persons to stop their activities and leave the operation area to avoid drastic consequences.

He commended the team spirit and resilience of the task force and pledged the Association’s total support to ensure the success of the operation.