Traders Hail Asantehemaa Nana Kyeiwaa

Pepper sellers at the Race Course market have praised Queen mother of the market, Nana Kyeiwaa for what they describe as committed and forward-looking leadership style.

Praying God’s blessings and longevity upon her the group also thanked the Asantehemaa Nana Afia Konadu for giving them such a selfless leader.

Their joy and gratitude to the Asantehemaa and Nana Kyeiwaa was as a result of the opening of a new market center for pepper at the Race Course market.

The new center according to the traders would be helpful as it would enhance unity among traders who deal in pepper.

According to them what excites them most is the golden rule Nana Kyeiwaa in consultation with leaders of the pepper sellers brought up; No distributor sells while the sellers would not go into distribution.

Addressing journalists at the market, one of the leaders Nana Yaa Akyiaa said the new pepper center would not only enhance the unity among them but greatly impact their business.

She called on all pepper sellers at unauthorized places at the Bantama market and in some parts of the Central Business District to join them at the Race Course market since there is vast land available.

“We are very grateful to the Asantehemaa and Nana Kyeiwaa for this great opportunity and we call on our colleagues struggling at unauthorized places to join us here and trade freely and comfortably”.

The Race Course and Bantama market Queen Nana Kyeiwaa on her part said she is doing everything possible to make the Asantehemaa proud for giving her responsibility for the market.

“It is my pleasure to see our traders very happy here, this makes our Queen Nana Afia Konadu happy, and I get happy as well”. She said humbly.

Nana Kyeiwaa, however, appealed to city authorities to send security men to the market for the safety of the traders at all times.

She also called on all traders plying their trade on shoulders of the roads and other unauthorized places in the CBD to join them at Race Course for a better trading environment.