Jaman North Parliamentary Candidate To Visit Radio BAR Children’s Corner Programme On Chocolate Day

The last edition of the programme, Saturday, 8th February, which saw the brilliant and talented kids discussed diverse issues of national concern, got a guest in the charming patriotic young politician.

Amongst the discussed happenings in the country, one that moved the Hon. Eric Yeboah, who is coming against Hon. Siaka Stevens, the incumbent, and also the Deputy Minister of the Bono Region; in the Jaman North Constituency is how wisely the kids advised against the prank calls made to emergency service offices by some unscrupulous Ghanaians.

As if in an epiphany of a possessed Ghanaianism spirit, the kids with power, did not only tell the security agents to find a solution to the prank calls with the aid of technology, since this nonsense of some Ghanaians, who don’t value the lives of themselves, and that of others has been with us for far too long. They (security service) should be able to trace and apprehend the perpetrators to face the law.

They did also, as it’s in a scourge, lashed at those who have the low capacity of thinking, and cannot have any other use for their mobile phones or whatever phone it’s, than to call the Emergency Service Ambulance, the Fire Service, and even the police service, just for a fun and good laughter, are the nation wreckers who claw back every gain Ghana makes in whatever strides it takes, and for that matter do not worth it called Ghanaians.

As paraphrased it above, the emotional words of the kids, as they sequenced the ramifications of a prank call to an emergency service in: the day it’ll be a serious call to them, they’ll take it as one of the jokes, it may lead to casualties and destruction of properties and national assets.

As in line with his dreams for the Jaman North Constituency, Hon. Yeboah clapped for the kids, listening to them on his vehicle’s radio, as he was on a campaign trip with his team.

He right away said to his communicators to contact the host of the programme and arrange for his appearance in the studio on the next edition of the programme that coincides with Valentine’s day (what’s chocolate day in Ghana).

His mission there is: to add more chocolate to their dinner tables, so Bono would produce the next generation of Ghana’s scholars, since he’s learnt the chocolate that contains Ghana’s highly priced cocoa enhances children and adult alike thinking ability.

A celebrity politician, Hon. Eric Yeboah keeps on saying that, the Jaman North, which produces Ghana’s 60% cashew nut, if he’s gone through the process and declared winner to serve as their Member of Parliament (MP), his priority would be how to turn the commodity into a secondary production, rather than selling it in its crude form and be shortchanged on the market. Linking the food nutrients in the cashew nut to a brain booster, he’s chosen the industrialization of the cashew and a revamped education to overlap in the constituency, if given the nod to serve.

He compares the jobs his adventure would create to the huge gains that would be made in enriching the cashew farmers, increase in revenue collection, local consumption of the product, and the environment created for good education.

So, there you have it, students will not miss the Chocolate Day edition of the Children’s Corner programme, the panelists would prepare themselves to meet a mentor in a young politician who is a product of Rapid Predatory School in Sunyani. As political watchers will sit back to hear one or two words from this so mentioned rising politician, the kids and their host will not only celebrate the day highly with bars of chocolate, but, have a picture and autograph sessions with this NPP’s rising star – Hon. Eric Yeboah.

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