Gifting a watch: What does it Symbolize?

A watch symbolizes different things for different people, from being a status symbol to a style statement; everyone has a different approach to watches. A gift always lets the person on the receiving end know how much they mean to you and the fact that you take out time specifically for them and understand them enough to get the perfect gift for them. However, when it comes to gifting a watch, certain elements are constant. 

A gentle reminder of a person

Being a constant reminder to the person you gift it to whenever they wear it on their wrist is one of the subtlest ways to keep people thinking about you. If you are looking for such a gift to give to someone you want to remember, the Luminox 3003 can be a perfect choice for who loves to have a swiss-made army watch.

An extension of one’s personality

Watches are multi-functional; this means that depending on the person, different watches serve different purposes. From being custom-tailored to task-specific, a watch is an extension of an individual and their life. People who like to indulge in outdoor activities opt for watches that come with navigation facilities that can help them find their way back or take it for a dive and be safe with the instantaneous display of depth. It shows how much you know about a person’s preferences and how much you care about them.

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Importance of time

It is the responsibility of elders to teach kids the value of time from a very young age. A watch as a gift is one of the perfect ways to teach them this life lesson to cherish every moment of life and be successful. The concept of time bonds well with children from a very early age, making them punctual and efficient.

A tasteful accessory

Apart from being multi-functional, a watch also serves as great fashion accessories. It is a portrayal of your style and fashion. Many people feel incomplete without having a watch; it is a necessity to be thoroughly groomed.


A watch as a romantic gift is a way to honour someone with time, making them feel special. When you gift someone a watch, you make a poetic statement with the watch being the metaphor of endless time together. Just in searching for a piece that you find fitting for your partner, you are already showing your partner that you are willing to make efforts towards the person and giving them time. In essence, you let the other person know that your time is their time, and you are willing to spend it with them and will always be by their side every ticking second.

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A watch symbolizes different things to different people, from being a simple tool for time-keeping to following an idol who wears the same watch or for the aesthetics that the clock adds to one’s personality. Clocks also symbolize status as they can be of immense monetary value.