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Suspension Of National Language Policy Not The Best

Principal of the School of Languages, UEW Ajumako campus, Prof. Avea Nsoh is unhappy about the suspension of the national language policy document.

His surprise was a result of the fact that after many years of extensive consultation with experts in linguistics and language on such an important document it has still not be given the approval for implementation.

Prof. Nsoh speaking in Ajumako at this year’s International Mother Language Day Celebration, which was on the theme, “Languages Without Borders,” observed that the worldwide annual celebration on 21st February is aimed at promoting awareness of linguistic-cultural diversity and multilingualism.

He noted that the only way people could help achieve linguistic diversity is to become active agents in the global fight for equal treatment of languages in a multilingual context.

He added that it was that multilingual societies in Ghana reflected on their roles in promoting diversity and mutual respect for the linguistic complexity of mother Ghana.

Prof. Nsoh emphasized that the language profile of Ghana can only be respected if students and teachers of indigenous languages begin to appreciate and adore the various languages, and treat the Languages and their users with mutual respect and dignity.

Making reference to a quote by, Eric Overby, Prof Nsoh said, “We are going to be a community of diverse people who do not think the same or live the same lifestyle, but if we are going to live together peacefully, we need to find a better way to disagree. ”

He called on societies to ensure that the movement of linguistic and cultural disagreements be of respect for the diversities.

The deputy minister of Education in charge of tertiary, Prof. Kojo Nyankah in his response said he will consult NACA to find out the level where the language policy have gotten to even though he has heard is at cabinet.

However, he believes what is happening at parliament where all cubicles meant for Ghanaians language translations were removed to create more space for members.

He sees this act as censorship because the system has not created facilities for others to express themselves comfortably adding that it constraints not English speaking people who may have brilliant ideas adding that there is nothing wrong if a parliament arian can not express themselves in English