Akatsi: A Man Stole Student Mattresses From Akatsi College Girl’s Dormitory

A young man believed to be in his early 20s identified as Kweku was caught stealing mattresses from the female dormitory of Akatsi College of Education — Akatsico.

According to a close source who spoke to Celebrities Buzz, Kweku carried out his criminal act in the night of 29th February 2020.

Volta music awards nominees Jam was held in Akatsi that very night so most students went over to Roman Catholic School Park (RC PARK) where the concert was held to have fun.

The criminal, Kweku saw the absence of most students on campus as a good time to also strike by stealing their mattresses.

He was successful in packing a few but just when he was about to run away with it, he was caught.

Upon questioning, he revealed that he came from a neighbouring town.