Cameroonian troops free French national kidnapped by gunmen


Cameroonian troops have rescued a French national who was kidnapped by gunmen in seaside resort town of Kribi, the army said on Monday.

Joseph Konaka, commander of Cameroon’s elite force Rapid Intervention Batallion (BIR) in Kribi told reporters, the French national identified as Patrice Porte, a CEO of a private enterprise was kidnapped Sunday, while he was driving to the touristic town.

“The troops found the hostage and the kidnappers ran away. Until now we are still conducting investigations to know the kidnappers,” Konaka said.

Antoine Bisaga, prefect of Ocean division said, the abduction was a rare occurrence in the town that is very popular among tourists.

“The situation is under control. Security has been beefed up and people should go about their activities without fear,” Bisaga said.

The abducted French national was reunited with his family on Monday.