Entrepreneurship: Unveiling Africa’s Fourth Industrial and Digital Revolution


With the rise in the the entrepreneurial spirit and business energy emerging from the continent of Africa, The Continent is on the fourth technological revolution or reset ,With the Economic Community of the 6th Region (ECO-6) at the Royal Summit of Her Imperial Majesty ,Queen Sheba III,which is entitled the <4th Industrial /Digital Revolution-The Reset ,The Launch of Lumi currency being the currency of the ECO-6 .

“Launch of the New Lumi Currency
South Africa, 18-22 September 2020

In light of this most profound and glorious Summit, the relevance and timing of which has been extraordinary.

We have seen the alignment of synergies that has occurred during the course of this Summit and the importance and relevance of these synergies attached to The Great Reset.

Never before in the history as African peoples’ has such a Reset been necessary to achieve the social, economic and cultural freedom, liberation and upliftment of the African global family.

With the new inauguration of the new Crown Councils and the Crown Council of the Global Diaspora Nation, the RESET has commenced.”

The continent needs a new approach to business and entrepreneurship to be able to match up to other countries or be able to conduct business with them without having to even go oversees ,This can be achieved with the newest and revolutionary technologies and products . One of this Technology is Blockchain Technology.

However, within the last decade, the stream of able-minded entrepreneurs and investors started to explore opportunities with asymmetrical upsides in markets that have yet to near the levels of saturation.

That brings us to Blockchain and cryptocurrency,the core of blockchain and cryptocurrency is decentralization and startups in this fields are no different, This very decentralization and it’s implicit of remote work will make entrepreneurs in the continent and Diaspora make businesses a hotbed in this industry in the MEA(Middle East Africa ) region .

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But for this to happen there needs to be a platform hence a solution in place to bring all this entrepreneurs and business together into one solid consortium ,and that solution is in development.

CEO of the (ECO-N)Entrepreneurs Consortium Network (registration pending ) Mr. Bedzra Edudzi Derick is an innovative and business oriented entrepreneur from the continent of Africa ,Ghana and an affiliated member of the Tech giant Development Company TechMantle in Miami Florida he has the vision of building a continent free from oppression and instill the power of value back into the hands of the people.

“I see a future of development and massive growth in everything you see today that is barely holding up ,and Africa our Ancestors envisioned before the great deceit and failure,I envision Africa to be a place where mass merchants all over the world come to in other to trade , in economic and non economic goods ,capital or producers goods ,single users goods ,consumer goods,and anything that generates revenue .

Also my vision is to create a channel free flow of wealth transfer that many have so predicted ,the impact will be felt all over the continent and even in countries considered to be poorest countries Times are changing with bitcoin being the exodus for many blockchain and cryptocurrency projects ,we are going to have to make a choice between defying social norms and relying on false sense of security .Choosing freedom and liberty is the way to free our future and unlock hidden treasures for our future generations.

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What is ECO-N ?

ECON ,is a Blockchain-based Foundation focused on solving critical pain-points that exists in everyday life activities and attempts to solve the problem of speed, scalability, and flexibility ,unlike other solutions companies ,ECON is focused on providing its customers and clients the platform with all blockchain inherit features such as a decentralized network ,trusty
chain ,immutability ,unalterable and indestructible technology that allows them to host ,develop and deploy decentralized mobile applications (Dapps)that makes it easy for people to go about their daily life activities.j

ECON’s vision is to become the most powerful Blockchain Infrastructure built for decentralized applications ,We have the Vision to provide a decentralized ECON-SYSTEM for our esteemed customers and clients ,by providing unmatched services that exceeds the expectations of our customers,we believing in naturing our relationship with future customers and clients and to provide them with the best customer service by providing only the best services built on the Blockchain Technology,Our goal is to become one of the Key Players in the in the Expansive industry of Blockchain and Crypto currency ,and also to develop a strong foundation in offering services that will solve everyday problems ,at the beating heart of the drive toward DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and decentralized applications,these plug and play tools makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone to access financial services with low cost .

The platform eliminates the old traditional business ethics,it’s ability to process large transactions with less cost makes it suitable for both private and public use,ECON platform offers a secure application processing,role based security permissions and industry leading speeds that increases the level of wealth distribution.

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Given the potential of the Technology used in making this platform and it’s viable products ,and the widespread of business interest in the capabilities it can provide ,the drive for the need to use this platform and it’s products comes from peoples realization and choice to accept to live and work in an environment that provides total transparency,security and speed in all levels of operations with less cost when transacting trades and moreover the benefit to live in a free independent ECON-SYSTEM.

Blockchain is the change Africa needs especially in the new digital revolution if we don’t want to be left behind again and I am ready to take on this course and path to liberate my people .

From a business owner to entrepreneurs ,national to international global investors and the everyday residents of the continent,consider ECO-N (Entrepreneurs Consortium Network ) as the number one solution to generating a stable income flow and an uninterrupted channel of wealth transfer ,that eradicate poverty and gives value into the hands of the people,join me and let’s make (ECO-N) and Africa an avenue for excellence and a utopia for success and growth.

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Source: Bedzra Edudzi Derick

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