Virgil Abloh returns with a new episode of “TELEVISED RADIO” on Apple Music ,1 talking about music scene in Ghana

In episode 5, Virgil has a label profile of @lifelivingrecords with @kwaku_dmc @real_jaybahd @cedicityboy about the music scene in Ghana. Plus, DZA and Silent Addy drop a mix with exclusives made in and out of Jamaica, with Dancehall dubs, new music from @stevenaclark, @hanamalik, and more.

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Virgil Abloh interviews Kwaku DMC on Televised Radio

Virgil: It’s Virgil. It’s still 2020. We’re still here. We’re still creating. As turbulent as this year could be, it’s not stopping the ideas. With that, we’re back with Televised Radio, episode five. It’s a super crazy show. I’m glad to lock in with some friends from Miami. Those of you that have been to Miami, paid attention to those putting in work over the last 10-plus years, you already know the Peachfuzz crew. But this week, we got DZA, Silent Addy, with a crazy mix, all sorts of exclusives made in and out of Jamaica. You know what time it is on that mix. We’re going to profile Life Living Records out of Ghana bringing forth a modern take on rap music. The drill sound has gone from Chicago to London, and now it’s touching down in Ghana.

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Kwaku DMC: Actually the rap game is good but, we actually not really getting any big support from the media, the main media or the bloggers. They’re not really paying attention to this new side at the moment. But, we need to blow this in the bigger platforms, the TV stations and the radio station to televise this too.

Virgil: Well, that’s going to change now. That’s what Televised Radio is about.

Kwaku DMC: I’m really glad you put me on, I’m really glad.

Virgil: I think it shows how far hip hop has evolved. But to me what’s important, you guys are telling Accra stories. You’re bringing the culture… Tell us a little bit about how you’re approaching the rap game as you see it, and how people should expect to know your sound.

Kwaku DMC: We are actually doing a great song out here [inaudible 00:01:01] and me and my team that’s Life Media records, we’re doing a good job because yeah… At this point in time we have about 15 artists, rockers in our team and everyone is at the moment is putting work, bringing new sound to the people. So we’re going to take this to the mainstream and we want to hit bigger platforms. We’re going to reach international market and international mainstream platforms. That’s where we dream of, that’s where we set our goals to reach. We’re hitting international targets like the U.S market, they do marketing.

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Virgil: What are some of the biggest misconceptions that you find about the sound, your music and also just about what’s going on in Kumasi. What’s going on in Ghana, Accra and abroad. What would you like to say to the outside world, speaking directly to the authentic kids who like crafting.

Kwaku DMC: People actually having, getting negative things about the whole idea and the whole song because they not really paying attention. They not really paying attention because that’s the kind of sound that we are doing is straight from the streets. We put our lifestyle to the sound. We preaching to the people what happens in our home, our areas, our neighborhoods. That’s what we used to create this new sound. So people don’t really get it back. As time goes on with a music editor, good put out that we bringing, I think they will get it.