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[JUST IN]: Houseflies Can Transmit Coronavirus – Ghana Health Service

WHO announces Coronavirus is now Airborne
WHO announces Coronavirus is now Airborne

Houseflies can transmit Coronavirus (COVID-19), Ghana Health Service has cautioned.

Director-General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr. Patrick Aboagye made a revelation to the fact the houseflies can transmit the Coronavirus.

In an interview on Peace FM an Accra-based local radio station, Dr. Aboagye added that houseflies that live in unhygienic environments like the toilets and refuse dumps carry the virus.

He noted:

“I can announce that houseflies are potential carriers of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) so beware of them. That is why we tell you to maintain proper hygiene and clean surfaces clean.”

Source: OccupyGh.com