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Five Types of Women You Should Never Marry

Five Types of Women You Should Never Marry
Five Types of Women You Should Never Marry

Marriage is meant to be a lifetime affair and is definitely not meant for everyone.

But if marriage is your thing, you got to be careful when choosing your life partner. You do not want to start asking for a divorce as soon as you get into the union.

A woman is a powerful pillar in the family unit and can make the marriage last or fall apart depending on her personality and character.

If you are looking forward to having a great wife and family in the near future, never marry these types of women:

1. Materialistic one

You need someone who can stand by you in bad and good times equally. If a woman is materialistic, she will leave you when you are broke and get a richer man. Try and observe her closely when courting to know whether she is the gold digger type. If she, is, run and don’t look back.

2. Promiscuous one

There are promiscuous women who change later in life and become perfect wives and mothers. But how sure are you that she is gonna change anyway? You are not God to change her and you should not risk marrying a woman who is always changing men like a tampon. But if she changes before you marry her, good for you.

3. Overbearing

Some women are overbearing in nature and that is completely fine. However, if she is so controlling that she can never hear a word from you, that’s a no go zone. Get a woman with whom you can at least hold a mature conversation and come into agreement but not a controlling freak who believes she is the master in everything.

4. Cult

While it’s not easy to tell whether she is into some weird cult or not, you should dig information about her background to know her well. Some women get into strange cults, witchcraft and devil worshipping while still hiding themselves in church. So, get to know her religion background well as well as her beliefs before making her your wife.

5. The ‘red thigh woman’

The femmes fatales are present in most African communities. They are believed to bring misfortunes wherever they go. For instance in the Kikuyu culture, this kind of woman is referred to as “muiritu wa kiero gitune” which literary translates to ‘the lady of the red thigh’. She is usually a very beautiful and seductive woman who lures men with her beauty. They are believed to be a cursed lot and the moment you marry them, death starts creeping towards you.