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COVID-19: Lockdown Accra and Kumasi now – Dr. Frank Serebour

BREAKING NEWS: Nigeria confirms 22 cases of Coronavirus 
BREAKING NEWS: Nigeria confirms 22 cases of Coronavirus 

Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has underscored the need to lockdown Ghana’s two major cities, Accra and Kumasi where cases of the Coronavirus have been recorded so far.

“By now, Accra and Kumasi should have been locked down. By now, there should be a total lockdown.  He repeated”, the Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association Dr. Frank Serebour has said.

The Medical expert believes the only solution at this stage of the pandemic is preventive measures and “total lockdown” of these two big cities.

Citing numerous reasons to back his ‘total lockdown’ measure, Dr. Serebour noted that, the country does not have the capacity to fight the virus looking at the logistics available for health workers.

“If you cannot do mass testing, you cannot provide logistics then lockdowns are one of the major measures you have to go for”, he reprimanded.

Currently, medical logistics in the country are on high demand hence a rise in prices.

However, Dr Serebour in criticizing the government on not putting much effort into the health system said, “With all these circumstances, the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has not paid the hospitals hence they can’t afford the high-cost logistics”.

According to him, “there should have been a televised broadcast of heat maps as to where those cases are found” for citizens to get much knowledge on the pandemic.

Source: MyNewsGH.com