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Motor rider severely injured in crash involving 3 cars at Anyaa Market

A motor rider is feared dead after he was involved in an accident with three other vehicles at the Anyaa Market in Accra, Thursday morning.

An eyewitness attributed the cause of the crash to brake failure of one the cars, a Kia Rhino with registration number GX 903 15.

The rider who was said to have suffered a broken leg was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Adom Live Worship presenter, Kwamena Idan who reported from the accident scene stated that the vehicles included a Pickup, V8, Nissan Rogue, a taxi as well as a Hyundai.

“The cargo car hit a white Pick-up turning it upwards with the V8 on top while the motor rider was trapped beneath the two vehicles.

“The driver could have used the pavement to save the accident but refused and for over 30 minutes, we managed to pull the okada rider who was breathing slowly but died shortly after the rescue,” he narrated.

<iframe src="https://cdn.jwplayer.com/players/N6jqnVhB-bOZsmy48.html" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" title="Anyaa road accident: NRSC advises drivers to keep vehicle…

He also noted that the cargo driver had earlier knocked down an Okada driver at the Anyaa NIC bus stop.

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Kwamena Idan stated that the vehicles have been badly damaged hence have caused heavy traffic on the route as they waited for the Ambulance Service to convey the body to the morgue.

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However, the Police have not made any comments so far but residents are lamenting faulty traffic lights at the intersection and overspeeding vehicles.

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