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COVID-19; Obey Governor Sanwo-Olu & FG Orders now! – Prince Adewale Samson

COVID-19; Obey Governor Sanwo-Olu & FG Orders now! - Prince Adewale Samson
COVID-19; Obey Governor Sanwo-Olu & FG Orders now! – Prince Adewale Samson

Our Dear Religious Leaders in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole, Have you perused or known about “Patient 31” in South Korea? She is answerable for the immense spike in the quantities of coronavirus patients in South Korea.

How could it occur? She basically went to a Church that demanded it must be available to admirers against the mandate of government. The aftereffect of that particular rebellion is the thing that South Korea is as yet attempting to contain.

From the information I gathered every 20/ 30 minutes; someone is kicking the bucket it means (DYING) in Iran due to the virus. You want to ask how it got to that level. The Spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, called for National prayer and gathered over 10,000 people to pray. In less than 48 hours, the number of infected persons moved from less than 70 to 900.

God is NOT an author of confusion. He set up structures by putting a government over you. Also, that is for law and order, arranging and control. On the off chance that you ignore your Government, you are acting against God’s promise. So stop the showing off. Stop it this moment!

Indeed, even Apostle Paul said everything ought to be done “nicely and all together.” Italy is recording over 100 passing’s DAILY. They have converted Final year medical students to Doctors abruptly. The Crematorium is totally filled. Cadavers are covering the boulevards. Furthermore, THAT IS A COUNTRY WITH A LESSER POPULATION BUT FAR BETTER HEALTH-CARE THAN NIGERIA.

We are a populace of more than 17million in Lagos and over 200 million individuals in Nigeria with the seemingly the most awful social insurance framework.  Please forgive my language in my country Nigeria, Re-Awaken initiative of Nigeria (RAIN) commends the Lagos state government for her efforts so far on tackling the COVID 19 since the News broke out, we stand by you at this trying period.

 We are just not comfortable with some of our Spiritual leaders for deliberately being stubborn because if this virus moves with the speed it is currently doing then this will be a long disaster, God forbid bad thing to happen in my country Nigeria.

Re-Awaken initiative of Nigeria (RAIN) Beg you to please kindly obey all the instructions dished out by Lagos state and federal Government of Nigeria and stop using our Father in Heaven to become a funny national deviant.


Prince Adewale Samson

National Coordinator (RAIN)

Re-Awaken initiative of Nigeria (RAIN)