African Government’s Charged To Be Aggressive In Fight Against Covid-19

The Africa Institute of Healthcare Quality Safety & Accreditation (AfIHQSA) has charged countries on the continent to be aggressive in their efforts to combat the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Covid-19 which was declared an outbreak in the City of Wuhan in the Hubei Province of China has spread across over 180 countries and has currently infected over 460,000 people.

To add to that disturbing number, it has sent more than 20,000 people to their graves with as many 14,196 said to be in critical condition.

Despite the slow spread of the virus on the African continent, it has been recorded in 45 countries and has so far infected 1,620 people.

In a statement from the Africa Institute of Healthcare Quality Safety & Accreditation, they have commended African governments for tackling the Coronavirus pandemic with the seriousness that it deserves.

Moving forward, they have stressed that governments must be aggressive and accelerate their efforts to curtail any further spread of the Covid-19.

“We are all vulnerable in the face of Covid-19. Let us be aggressive and accelerate our efforts, let us reach out in support of each other for we are all in this together”, a statement from AfIHQSA dated Wednesday, March 25, 2020, said.

In addition to urging governments to ensure all the required expertise such as health systems, quality, and patient safety experts and other relevant sectors are involved in the mitigation efforts, they have also charge countries to learn from the success stories of other countries and be bold to contain the spread of the infection by restricting social interactions (lockdown) and contact with high-risk persons (quarantine).

Read the full statement below to know all the recommendations from AfIHQSA: