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I wanted to become Governor of the Bank of Ghana – Catholic priest shares childhood dream

A Catholic priest who is making a great difference in the lives of less privileged children in the Upper East region has revealed that his first career choice was to become Governor of Ghana’s central bank.

In the March edition of GhanaWeb’s ‘The Untold’, Rev. Dr. Moses Asaah Awinongya stated that for years, he dreamt of becoming the boss of the Bank of Ghana after he saw the governor’s signature on the cedi note at age 13.

According to him, the desire to become the governor was because he wanted an opportunity to write on the hearts of people.

“I saw the Governor of the Bank of Ghana’s signature on the money and that fascinated me so I wanted to at all cost become the governor of the Bank of Ghana to be able to write on the hearts of people,” he said.

He began asking questions in the quest to accomplish his dream and started on a path to study Business Administration.

“When I got to secondary school I did everything to do business and at the end of the day I had to go to one the best business schools to do A-levels and then ended up going to read Business Administration at the University of Ghana.”

But after encountering a young lady who asked for his support in her education whilst he was in the university, Dr Awinongya began asking himself what he really wanted to do with his life.

He said, “it took me back to my own story of having nobody to support you… one day I went to my mother and told her I had to go back to school. She went in and then brought everything she had and told me ‘my son, I’m sorry but that’s all that I have’. I wept and she wept.”

Rev Dr Moses Asaah Awinongya who had a tough childhood himself, started sharing his pocket money with some struggling youth in Ashaiman and it was during that time he realized he wanted to become ‘a father for the fatherless’, hence his decision to go to the seminary after his university education.

He vowed to support young people who are facing the difficulties he faced as a child and today, he is redeeming that vow by providing education for many of them through the Regentropfen Education Foundation.

The foundation has established basic, secondary, technical and tertiary education institutions in his hometown, Namoo in the Upper East region where the majority of his beneficiaries receive education at little to no cost.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com